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You raise an interesting question - is it the "cash" that bothers people in these innovative incentive programs? If so, what about exploring uBoost, a performance-based rewards and recognition platform that awards behaviors and achievements (teachers define metrics) with points which can be redeemed for various rewards (iPods, gift cards, etc.) or donated to charities? Does such a program provide the "structure" that incentive programs need to be effective and valued as a tangible strategy to improve student outcomes?

Paul Hebert

I'm not sure if it is the cash or the mere fact that students need something extra to get good grades. Again, thinking about the demographic I'm guessing they are from lower socio-economic environments where parental involvement is low (heck, I know from my sister who is a school principle - this is just as bad at the higher levels of income) and something other than POS (parent over shoulder)is needed for motivation.

I'll have to take a look at uBoost - it could be something that Roland Fryer should look into!

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